The Value of Membership

membershipYour health and the health of your family is priceless. Making an investment in it is a personal choice. Take the time to consider how valuable your wellness is to you and your family, and explore the benefits available to you through Direct Medical Care.

Please feel free to either email us with your interest and/or questions at or call us at (855) 432-5047.

Cost of Membership

Adults 44 years and under:

Single $1,050
Couples/Family $1,800 

Adults 45-49 years:

Single $1,350 
Couples/Family $2,400 

Adults 50-59 years:

Single $1,750 
Couples/Family $3,200 

Adults 60 years and older:

Single     $1,950

Couples  $3,600

  • Couples receive a discount of $150 each.
  • Fees are paid annually, or semi-annually if paid by credit card.

Taking the hassle out of health care is part of what makes our practice unique. We will continue to be an “in-network” provider for most major insurance plans, and continue to be a Participating Provider for Medicare. We will bill your insurance directly for office visits and other “covered services.”

Exceptional? Yes. Exclusive? No.
Our annual fee is comparable to the costs of eating fast food lunch five days a week, cell phone service, a country club membership, an annual ski pass, or a cleaning service. The difference between luxury and necessity is often a matter of priority.

The greatest wealth is health. -Virgil

INSURANCE PARTICIPATION:  Marble Valley HealthWorks participates with ALL Insurance plans except CIGNA.  CIGNA terminated our contract in Aug 2021 because of our long-standing business model.